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Striped ichneumon wasps

The Banded Pupa Parasite Wasp (Gotra sp.) is one of the Striped Ichneumon Wasps
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Scientific Name: Gotra spp.

Size: Total Length 15 mm

What does it look like?

Predominantly black with broad white bands on antennae. Head, body and legs normally have white or yellow bands and spots, and legs have orange-brown bases. Female’s ovipositor less than 50 per cent of body length, much shorter than that of the similar Banded Caterpillar Parasite Wasp Ichneumon promissorius.

Where is it found?

About 8 species occur through eastern Australia, from central eastern Qld, to eastern NSW, Vic, Tas and south-eastern SA.

What are its habitats & habits?

Found in forests, woodland and gardens, where host species occur. Female lays eggs in cocoons of large moths, using ovipositor, and hatched larvae feed on pupating caterpillar. Adults diurnal and feed on flowers.

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