🌿 My Wild Ride (so far)! 🌏

Peter Rowland and an Australian King Parrot
Peter Rowland at Jamberoo Community Pre-school
Peter Rowland reading a copy of his book "Australia's Birdwatching Megaspots" at Blarney Books in Port Fairy
Peter Rowland standing on a rocky outcrop holding a Nikon camera and 400mm lens, with Dove Lake in the background

My roots trace back to a quaint fishing village in Brixham, Devon, in the south of England. Growing up amidst woodpeckers in deciduous forests, guillemots and fulmars soaring over ocean cliffs, and the wonders of seaside rock pools, my childhood was a nature-lover’s dream. Photography entered my life around age 10, sparked by the discovery of my great-grandfather’s bird slides.

In 1982, my family returned to Australia, my birthplace. While adapting to the new environment posed challenges, my fascination with wildlife documentaries, especially David Attenborough’s, deepened. In high school, unsure of my future, a chance opportunity for work experience at the Australian Museum’s bird department set the course for my life’s work.

Over two decades at the Australian Museum, my role expanded from curatorial assistant to environmental consultant, covering birds, reptiles and mammals. The journey included extensive travels across Australia, igniting a passion for wildlife books and scientific papers. Mental health struggles prompted a transformative journey, and a shift towards holistic well-being.

Now, as a wildlife photographer, natural history writer, former Australian Geographic Magazine columnist, conservationist, trainer, public speaker, and meditator, I find purpose in ecotherapy. Being one with nature uplifts my soul, making wildlife photography my path to purpose. Embracing a holistic lifestyle, strict diet, meditation, and mindfulness, I am on a continuous quest for well-being.

My wild journey has brought me to a place where I have finally found my Ikigai, my reason for living; and at 56, I feel like life’s just beginning. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with other people, and hope that my books, magazine articles, photography exhibitions, social media activities, public speaking events, talks on ABC Radio, podcasts, and other works in environmental and conservation management, inspires future generations to cultivate their own wild journeys. Β 

Thank you for sharing in my passion, and remember, eat your greens and drink plenty of water! πŸŒΏπŸ’§

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