Want to Use my Images or Written Content?

I am always happy for individuals, teachers and not-for-profits to use my images and written content in their research, educational and citizen science projects – no need to ask for permission but it’s always nice (and just downright decent) to get a credit or a link back to my website.

If you are doing a non-government commercial project and want to use my material – please get in touch. I’d love to help and typically do not charge anything, but you need to ask.

If you a working on a government project and want to use my material – it’s gunna cost you. I pay taxes, so you can give some of them back to me.

If you are a consultant or commerical developer – let’s chat. It is only fair that we both get some reward for our efforts.

Please use the contact form in the menu area.


Many of my observations are uploaded to iNaturalist. Follow the link below to see what I have seen and where I’ve been …

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