My Main Camera Gear

The first camera I owned was the brilliant Canon T90. This was an absolute workhorse and the last camera that posessed Canon’s FD lens mounting. To move to the Canon EOS system would have meant a new set of lenses, so I gave the Nikon F65 a go. Although the F65 was not as good as the T90, I stuck with the Nikon range and have never looked back. I have never suggested that any new photographer should select Nikon over Canon, or Pentax, or Olympus or any other brand. What I can say for certain though is that I like Nikon, I am familiar with its functions and settings, and I don’t have to take my eye of my subject when taking a shot. The Nikon gear I have owned has been incredibly reliable, it has worked brilliantly for me so far, and I will be sticking with it.

As the legendary Ansel Adams said “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!”

DJI Phantom Pro 3 Drone

In addition to taking video footage on my Nikons, I also use DJI drones (mainly my Phantom Pro 3) and the handheld Osmo Pocket video recorders to capture amazing footage. DJI do an incredible job with their devices. They are robust, versatile and extremely reliable. My Phantom Pro 3 drone may soon be (mostly) replaced by a DJI Mavic Pro or a Mavic Air 2, which are much more compact. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Phantom Pro 3, and will keep it until it no longer functions, but it is hard to take on trips where air travel is involved. The Osmo Pocket is just brilliant. It has subject tracking and a gimbal head, so gives perfectly stable images no matter how rough the terrain.

DJI Osmo Pocket for handheld video recording
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