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Backyard Birding

The May/June 2020 edition of my Bird Nerd column in the wonderful Australian Geographic Magazine is called "Backyard Birding". It talks about the movements of the backyard birds that we see from the comfort of our own homes (more so during the...

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Bushfire Recovery

Help Me Support the Recovery of Australia's Wildlife Following the Recent Devastating Bushfire Season... We have had one of the worst bushfire seasons on record. I have been chatting to Conservation Volunteers Australia recently about the great...

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Dear Peter … Everything you have done has helped in the battle that we are all trying to wage, to prevent the despoilation of the earth & to help heal the damage we have already done. Your new as yet unpublished book on the Australian rainforest, I’m sure, will be a further help in this battle…

Sir David Attenborough

Natural History Presenter