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Australia is one of 17 countries described as ‘megadiverse’. These nations combined support more than 70% of the earth’s total biological diversity. Remarkably, 45% of Australia’s birds, 83% of its mammals, 93% of its reptiles, 94% of its amphibians and 84% of its plants are endemic. Australia has the highest percentage of endemic vertebrate species (excluding fish) of all countries.

I have been fortunate to have been able to travel throughout Australia, researching, photographing and writing about its wonderful wildlife.

My first trip around Australia was in 1992 and my first book was published in 1996, although I had written 5 scientific papers and had contributed written material and photographs to other books and magazines before then.

Back when I first started contributing material for publications I was lucky to have access to the extensive library resources at the Australian Museum (where I had worked since 1985). Today we have the largest library the world has ever seen – the internet.

There is much information about animals and plants already on the internet, although not all of it accurate. My goal in creating these fact sheets is to provide a reliable educational resource for people with the same sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world that I had all those years ago – and still have today.

I am continually adding wildlife fact sheets for these unique animals and plants (and fungi). Please follow the links below to view, print or download individual fact sheets for your own education or for other not-for-profit educational purposes.

[You can visit my Glossary page at any time if you find a scientific word that you are not familiar with]

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