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Australian Fur-seal

A female Australian Fur Seal with a young pup sitting on a rock shelf

Scientific Name: Arctocephalus pusillus

Size: TL 1.36–2.27m

What does it look like?

Australian Fur-seal adult males are much larger than females and young males, grey-brown (darker with age), with long silvery mane of coarse hair on neck and shoulders. Females more slender, silvery-grey above and brownish below, becoming more yellowish on chest and throat.

Where is it found?

Coast and islands along southern Australia, and oceans bounded by continental shelf. Mainly Vic, Tas and islands of Bass Strait, but also extending to NSW and SA.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Australian Fur-seal, or Cape Fur-seal, hauls out and breeds on rocky areas along coast. Forages in open oceans to a depth of about 150m, for fish, squid and octopus (and occasionally seabirds).

Interesting facts

Moves to more open rocky platforms in colonies shared with Long-nosed Fur-seal.

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