White Antennae Wasp Moth

A White-antennae Wasp Moth perched on a leaf showing its distinct white-tipped antennae
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Scientific Name: Amata nigriceps

Size: Wingspan 25-30 mm

What does it look like?

The adult White Antennae Wasp Moth is black with orange translucent spots on each wing, a black and orange-yellow banded abdomen, and white tips to the black antennae. The male is larger than the female, but with a thinner abdomen. The caterpillar is orange and black, with longer white hairs.

Where is it found?

Occurs in coastal eastern Australia, from north-eastern Qld to south-eastern NSW.

What are its habitats & habits?

The White Antennae Wasp Moth lives in open areas adjacent to sclerophyll forests and woodlands, and is a regular visitor to urban parks and gardens, where the female lays batches of small white eggs. The caterpillars and adults are active during the daytime. The hairs on the caterpillar, which are also woven into its cocoon when pupating, can cause urticaria in in sensitive people.

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