Wattle Pig

A Wattle Pig climbing a tree
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Scientific Name: Leptopius spp.

Size: Total Length 10-20mm

What does it look like?

The adult Wattle Pig beetle is light grey-brown to dark brown in colour, pronotum and elytra with bumpy protrusions arranged in longitudinal ridges. Snout characteristically elongated, relatively thick, with clubbed tip; elbowed antennae, dark eyes moderately large. Larvae legless.

Where is it found?


What are its habitats & habits?

Occurs in a range of habitats, from sclerophyll forest to urban gardens. The Wattle Pig Weevil feeds primarily on species of wattle, though some species may be found on other native plants like gum trees and bottlebrushes. Adults are slow moving, and when disturbed, resort to dropping to the ground and playing dead.

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