Swamp Wallaby

A Swamp Wallaby standing in a grassy clearing
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Scientific Name: Wallabia bicolor 

Size: TL 1,105–1,710mm, including tail 640–862mm

What does it look like?

The Swamp Wallaby is dark reddish-brown to black above, with pale yellowish-brown cheek-stripe (more prominent in northern individuals), and pale yellowish to orange-brown below. Tail darker, occasionally with white tip.

Where is it found?

Occurs on the coast, slopes and ranges of eastern and south-eastern Australia (including Fraser Island), from northern Cape York Peninsula Qld, through eastern NSW and southern Vic, and possibly into far south-eastern SA.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Swamp Wallaby is found in forests, woodland and heaths with a dense understorey. Shelters during most of the day in dense vegetation, often in moist areas, and emerges at night to feed on grasses, shrubs, ferns and seedlings.

Interesting facts

When disturbed, bounds away with head low and tail held straight behind it.

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