Superb Parrot

A female Superb Parrot feeding on grass seeds


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Scientific Name: Polytelis swainsonii

Size: 36 to 42 cm

What does it look like?

The Superb Parrot is brilliant green, with a long, tapered tail and orange bill. The male has a bright yellow face and throat, bordered with orange below and with an orange wash on the forehead. The female has a bluish tinge to the facial feathers and has orange-red thighs. The wings of both sexes have a blue wash and the underside of the tail is reddish. 

Where is it found?

The Superb Parrot is found in a broad band throughout central eastern Australia, around the Murray River on the Vic and NSW border to northern NSW and southern Qld.

What are its habitats & habits?

Nests in hollows within woodlands and riverine forests, and the flight is fast and direct. Often seen in small flocks, feeding on the ground or in trees on seeds and flowers, supplemented with lerps, and will congregate around agricultural areas and  silos to feed on spilled grain. The species shows some migration behaviour, moving northwards during winter.

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