Speckled Warbler

A Speckled Warbler perched on a thin branch
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Scientific Name: Pyrrholaemus sagittatus 

Size: 65 mm

What does it look like?

The Speckled Warbler is a small, predominantly ground-dwelling, thornbill-like warbler. It is grey above, speckled with blackish streaks on the back and whitish streaks on the crown, and creamish to white below, with numerous darker streaks, forming longitudinal lines on the breast, belly and flanks. The rump is yellowish (generally more visible in flight) and the tail feathers are tipped with white. The female has a reddish-brown marking above the eye, while the male’s is black. 

Where is it found?

It ranges from southern and eastern Qld, through central and eastern NSW to western Vic. 

What are its habitats & habits?

The colouration and markings of the Speckled Warbler provide it with excellent camouflage while it feeds on the ground, and it generally freezes if danger is detected before flying to the shelter of a nearby shrub or tree. It’s camouflage also assists while at rest and it is generally detected by its musical song before it is seen. 

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