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Southern Old Lady (Moon) Moth

A Southern Moon Moth perched on the ground with wings outspread, showing large eyespots on wings
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Scientific Name: Dasypodia selenophora

Size: Wingspan up to 90mm

What does it look like?

The adult Southern Old Lady or Moon Moth is brown above, patterned with darker lines and a large blue, brown and black semicircular eyespot on each forewing. Underneath orange-brown with a small black spot. Caterpillar pale to dark brown, sparsely covered with short stiff hairs, and with pale orange legs.

Where is it found?

Found mainly throughout eastern Australia, from northern Qld to southern NSW. Some isolated records further inland, and more common in the south.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Southern Old Lady or Moon Moth inhabits a range of habitats, where adults rest in plain sight, either on the ground or on trees or walls, with wings outspread, and frequently enter houses. Eggs are laid in crevices, such as within cracks in the bark of trees. Caterpillars feed nocturnally on wattles, resting during the day under leaves or branches.

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