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Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko

A Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko basking on a brick wall in NSW
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Scientific Name: Saltuarius swaini

Size: Snout Vent Length 130 mm

What does it look like?

The Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko is either brown or olive-grey above, with 3–5 paler cream-grey blotches along back and similarly coloured bands on broad, flat tail; narrower on regrown tails. Flat, triangular head, with several conspicuous large scales on snout, and series of transverse zigzag lines between eyes and on rear of head and neck. Whitish below with varying amounts of brown speckling. Wide, flattened body and lichen-style patterning provides excellent camouflage.

Where is it found?

Coastal ranges that run either side of Qld and NSW border.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko is arboreal; often seen on trunks of trees, but will come to the ground to feed. Carnivorous, feeding primarily on invertebrates, but also preys on young of other gecko species. Forages at night. Oviparous, producing 1 or more clutches in a year, with 2 soft-shelled eggs per clutch.

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