A Rockwarbler (Origma solitaria) crouching on a beach
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Scientific Name: Origma solitaria

Size: 12.5 to 15 cm

What does it look like?

The Rockwarbler is a dark brown-grey bird with reddish-brown underparts (paler on the face and forehead), a dull white throat speckled with black and a black tail. The wings are dark grey-brown. Young birds are similar to adults but duller.

Where is it found?

The Rockwarbler occurs along the coast and within the adjacent ranges of central eastern NSW.

What are its habitats & habits?

It is an inhabitant of rocky (sandstone, granite or limestone) outcrops, the Rockwarbler builds its nests under rocky overhangs. The hanging nest structure gave rise to the bird’s alternative name of ‘Hanging Dick’. Food consists of insects and other invertebrates, which are foraged for predominantly on the ground and in rock crevices. The bird’s tail is often flicked sideways as it hunts.

Interesting facts

The Rockwarbler is the only endemic bird species in NSW.

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