Red Lacewing

A Red Lacewing butterfly perched on a green leaf with wings open
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Scientific Name: Cethosia cydippe

Size: Total Length 78-80 mm

What does it look like?

Both Red Lacewing sexes similar, although female slightly darker. Upper wings with broad black outer margins and large deep red centres, the forewings have a large, elongated white patch on each. Undersurface of forewings similarly patterned, but paler and more brownish, while the hindwings have rows of small, white-edged black blotches. Margins of wings white and black. Caterpillar banded black and yellow with short spiky hairs. Head with two elongated black hairs.

Where is it found?

Found in north-eastern Qld.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Red Lacewing Butterfly inhabits margins of rainforest and wet forests, where the adults feed on the nectar of native and introduced flowers, and typically rest with wings outstretched. Caterpillars mainly feed on Lacewing Vine Adenia heterophylla and Queensland Passionfruit Hollrungia sp.

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