A feral Pig standing in a small thicket in outback NSW. [Photographed by Peter Rowland]
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Scientific Name: Sus scrofa

Size: 1.5 m

What does it look like?

The pig is extremely varied from white to black, with any manner of tones of yellow, red and brown between. Most wild pigs in Australia are black or dark brown as adults, paler forms with darker patches, and juveniles are usually mottled or striped. 

Where is it found?

Introduced. It is found throughout most of eastern and northern Australia. 

What are its habitats & habits?

The pig is found across most habitats, with a preference for wetter areas, where it digs out wallows in moist ground to form mud baths. This, along with its feeding behaviour, has caused significant damage to many ecosystems across Australia. The pig is a true omnivore, feeding on small animals, carrion, tubers, vegetation, fruits and succulents. Active both day and night. 

Interesting facts

Humans can be at risk if they inadvertently get too close to a sow with young, and many people have also been injured when hunting this species for sport. 

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