Peron’s Tree Frog

A Peron's Tree Frog on a leaf
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Scientific Name: Litoria peronii

Size: Total Length 6 cm

What does it look like?

Peron’s Tree Frog colouration is variable, but typically consists of a tan frog with small emerald green dots and spots during the day, and, at night, dark brown with black speckling, giving a mottled appearance. In some individuals the green flecks become more easily seen at night. The webbing on the hands, and the inside of the thighs and backs of the legs is bright yellow and black. The back looks almost rough, with tiny wart-like bumps or protrusions.

Where is it found?

Occurs in eastern Australia from Maryborough in Qld to eastern SA.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Peron’s Tree Frog, or Emerald Spotted Frog, is found in swamps, large dams or lagoons, where it feeds on invertebrates. The male’s call consists of a series of closely spaced ‘arcs’, slowing towards the end of the call and resembling a twisted laugh, and is given from floating vegetation, on emergent and surrounding plants. Spawn is small groups laid near the edge of the water among leaf litter or occasionally attached to submerged horizontal stems. Average clutch consists of about 1750 eggs, and tadpoles take up to 14 weeks to complete metamorphosis (occasionally longer).

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