Paper Wasp

A Paper Wasp is perched on top of its nest, guarding offspring.
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Scientific Name: Polistes spp.

Size: 10-25mm

What does it look like?

The Paper Wasp is predominantly black with two pairs of brownish wings and scattered yellow or orange markings or rings on the long cylindrical abdomen. The Paper Wasp has a very narrow waist and a small head with large eyes.

Where is it found?

Found throughout Australia.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Paper Wasp occurs in a variety of habitats throughout their range, including urban areas, forests, and woodlands, where it forms small colonies that build distinctive papery nests from a mixture of wood shavings and saliva. The adults aggressively defend their nest. The sting injects a venom that causes intense pain and swelling around the immediate area, and the victim can be stung multiple times by the same wasp.

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