Northern Fantail

Northan Fantail sitting on a branch
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Scientific Name: Rhipidura rufiventris

Size: 6.5–18.5 cm

What does it look like?

The plumage of the Northern Fantail is grey to blackish above, with a small whitish eyebrow, cream belly and white vent. The breast is paler grey with numerous vertical ‘tear-drop’ streaks, and the throat is white.

Where is it found?

The Northern Fantail, also known as the Timor Fantail, this species has a large range that includes Australia, PNG, and Indonesia.

What are its habitats & habits?

Within Australia, it is found in lowland tropical and subtropical forests, dense vine thickets, mangrove fringes, and some woodlands from north-western WA to north-eastern Qld. Unlike other fantails, it does not display the typical fanned tail and constant activity, instead, the tail is squarish and it sits motionless for periods of time between foraging flights.

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