Mottled Flower Scarab

A Mottled Flower Scarab beetle crawling over a lichen covered rock
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Scientific Name: Protaetia fusca

Size: 17 mm

What does it look like?

The Mottled Flower Scarab is a small, usually shiny dark-coloured rounded beetle, with broad shovel-like head and pronotum, small fan-like antennae, may have hairs on underside of body. Some species with horns on head and pronotum in males. Larva pale and soft-bodied with dark sclerotized head.

Where is it found?

Australia-wide; Worldwide.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Mottled Flower Scarab occurs in a variety of habitats, usually wherever larger animals occur to provide food for the larvae. Typical of dung beetles, the larva is provided with animal dung to feed on, though some species feed on carrion or fungi instead. 

Interesting facts

Belongs to a large genus with over 200 species in Australia, some introduced, and over 1,500 species worldwide.

Alternative Name: Mango Flower Beetle.

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