Lowland Copperhead

A Lowland Copperhead snake hunting through the green grass. [Photographed by Peter Rowland]
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Scientific Name: Austrelaps superbus 

Size: Total Length 1.5 m

What does it look like?

DANGEROUSLY VENOMOUS. The Lowland Copperhead is variable, ranging from pale brown to black above, with white edging on scales of upper lip. Young snakes are generally paler, and have obscure stripe on nape. Cream to grey underparts. 

Where is it found?

Lowlands of far south-eastern NSW, southern Vic, Tasmania and south-western SA. 

What are its habitats & habits?

The Lowland Copperhead prefers wetter areas of woodland, grassland and heaths, and heavily disturbed areas, where it actively hunts either during the day and warmer nights, for small vertebrates, such as frogs, lizards and small mammals. Ovoviviparous, giving birth to up to 30 live young. 

Interesting facts

Although generally not aggressive towards humans, capable of inflicting fatal bites. 

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