Jacky Lizard

A Jacky Lizard basking on a rock slab
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Scientific Name: Amphibolurus muricatus 

Size: Snout Vent Length 110 mm, Total Length 350 mm

What does it look like?

The Jacky lizard is a pale grey to dark brown lizard with spiny scales on sides of neck and bright yellow lining inside mouth. Black patches along middle of back, with 2 paler stripes on either side. Particularly large and prominent scales along back in longitudinal rows from neck to base of tail. Males generally have larger heads than females.

Where is it found?

It occurs through the south-eastern Australian mainland, from south-eastern Qld, through eastern NSW and Vic, to far south-western SA.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Jacky lizard is found on rocky ridges and in open areas in dry sclerophyll woodland and coastal heaths, where it is usually seen on fallen or standing timber. It feeds on small invertebrates, including grasshoppers, ants and worms, flowers, berries and small skinks. Females are oviparous, laying 3–12 soft-shelled eggs in shallow burrows, with 1–2 clutches produced during summer. The sex of the young is influenced by the temperature of nest.

Interesting facts

Also known as: Jacky Dragon; Tree Dragon

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