Green Python

A Green Python curled around the trunk of a tree
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Scientific Name: Morelia viridis

Size: Total Length 1.7m

What does it look like?

The Green python is unmistakable. Emerald-green above with a few scattered white spots on sides and longitudinal row of white or yellowish scales that follow prominent vertebral ridge. Tail tipped blue-grey. Belly cream to yellow. Young bright yellow with purplish-brown line on vertebral ridge, and with scattered purplish-brown spots and large, dark-edged white blotches and lines.

Where is it found?

Eastern rainforests of far northern Cape York Peninsula, Qld.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Green Python, or Green Tree Python, inhabits lowland tropical rainforests and monsoon forests. Arboreal and nocturnal, resting during the day in tree hollow or epiphytes, or sitting with body coiled over a horizontal branch. Hunts by ambushing its prey, waiting for several days at a suitable site with head and neck held in striking position, and with prehensile tail coiled around branch as an anchor. Feeds on reptiles, small mammals, frogs and birds. Oviparous, laying up to 32 eggs in a clutch. Non-venomous, but can be quite aggressive when threatened.

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