Grasshoppers, Crickets and Katydids

(Order: Orthoptera)

Large order containing 17 families and over 1500 species in Australia, split into two suborders: Caelifera (6 families), containing grasshoppers, and Ensifera (11 families), which houses the crickets and katydids. Species can attain large sizes (up to 100mm), and most species possess large hind legs that give them the powerful jumping ability, some using them in the production of their song. Wings, not present in all species, typically consist of membranous hindwings, which are folded under protective forewings, although some winged species have soft forewings. Head usually with large eyes and mandibulate mouthparts. Females of Ensifera possess an ovipositor, while those of Caelifera do not, individuals in Caelifera also have shorter antennae with fewer segments (<30).

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