(Infraorder: Gekkota)

Geckos are small lizard, typically found in warm climates throughout the world. There are three families within Australia, The Typical Geckos (Family: Gekkonidae), the southern Padless Geckos (Family: Carphodactylidae) and the Austral Geckos (Family: Diplodactylidae).

All geckos, with the exception of species in the family Eublepharidae (of Asia, Africa and North America) lack eyelids; instead, the outer surface of the eyeball has a transparent membrane, the cornea. Species without eyelids generally lick their own corneas when they need to clear them of dust and dirt, in order to keep them clean and moist.

Geckos are also unique among lizards for their vocalizations, which differ from species to species.

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