Eastern Yellow Robin

An Eastern Yellow Robin spotting an invertebrate to eat
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Scientific Name: Eopsaltria australis

Size: 15 to 17 cm

What does it look like?

The Eastern Yellow Robin is a medium-sized robin with grey back and head and yellow underparts. The superficially similar Pale Yellow Robin is comparatively smaller, has pale lores and lighter underparts. The characteristic calls of this delightful bird are also easily recognised, an assortment of high bell-like piping, some harsh scolding notes, and a repeated “chop chop”.

Where is it found?

Occurs in coastal and sub-coastal areas of eastern and south-eastern mainland Australia.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Eastern Yellow Robin is a delight to observe in its wide choice of habitat types, mostly dry woodlands and rainforests, as well as parks and gardens. It is usually first seen perched on the side of a tree trunk or other low perch, as it inquisitively inspects passers-by. The Eastern Yellow Robin will readily approach humans, often accepting handouts of food from picnickers. This tameness has made it a familiar bird with even the non-ornithologists.  

Interesting facts

If not easily observed, a bird is often easily attracted by making a squeaking noise with your lips and hand. 

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