(Family: Dasyuridae)

Dasyurids are insectivorous and carnivorous marsupials, that are characterised by teeth that are made for biting and cutting, with 7 pairs of incisors (4 pairs in the upper jaw and 3 pairs in the lower jaw), 4 pairs of well-developed upper and lower molars, and at least 4 non-fused toes on the hind feet and 5 on the front. Australia is home to 60 species, that range from the world’s smallest carnivorous marsupial, the tiny Long-tailed Planigale Planigale ingrami, measuring just 55 mm in body length and 4 grams in weight, to the world-renowned and muscular Tasmanian Devil Sarcophilus harrisii at up to 9 kg and 650 mm.

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