Common Grass-blue

A Common Grass-blue butterfly perching of a white clover flower

Scientific Name: Zizina otis

Size: Wingspan 20 to 23 mm

What does it look like?

Upper surface of the Common Grass-blue male’s wings are almost entirely purplish blue, concentrated towards the centre of wings of female, remainder of upper surface greyish. Underwings pale whitish-brown with extensive brown mottling towards outer margins. Tips of antennae with white spot. Caterpillar green with yellowish longitudinal stripe on sides of body and dark green line along back.


Where is it found?

Commonly found in suitable habitats throughout Australia. Subspecies labradus throughout most of range, but replaced in northern Cape York Peninsula Qld by subspecies labdalon.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Common Grass-blue occurs in native and cultivated grasslands within numerous habitats, where adults fly close to ground. Caterpillars small (<10mm) and feed at night on a variety of plants, resting during the day at the base of plant.

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