Common Brown Trapdoor

A Common Brown Trapdoor walking over fallen leaves

Scientific Name: Misgolas gracilis

Size: Carapace Length 8.82 mm

What does it look like?

The Common Brown Trapdoor Spider is generally dark brown, usually with paler brown bands on the abdomen, and with a fine covering of paler brown hairs on the carapace. Spinnerets are short and conical. The male is more slender with longer legs and enlarged ‘boxing glove’ shaped palps.

Where is it found?

Wide-ranging throughout NSW, in a region bounded by Tamworth (north), Mudgee (south), Jamberoo (east) and the Warrumbungle Range (west).

What are its habitats & habits?

The Common Brown Trapdoor Spider is found in a variety of habitats, where the female lives in a silk-lined burrow in the earthen banks along streams and in areas of open ground, and concealed by a thin, fragile lid across the opening. The males are most usually encountered as they wander around suburban parks and gardens during the mating season.

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