Chocolate Argus

A Chocolate Argus butterfly resting on the trunk of a tree

Scientific Name:  Junonia hedonia

Size: Wingspan 50-60mm

What does it look like?
The male Chocolate Argus is dark brown, female paler, both with a series of parallel, darker wavy lines along the edges and through the centre of the wings. Lines through the centre of wings, wider on the forewings and tapering to nothing on hindwings. Wings also with a row of darker-edged spots towards the outer edges. Caterpillar black with orange prothorax and head, and with branched hairs along body.
Where is it found?
Occurs in coastal and near inland areas of northern WA, northern NT and eastern Qld.
What are its habitats & habits?
The Chocolate Argus is found in paperbark swamps, where the adults fly close to the ground, in and around shallow gullies, landing often to rest or to shade themselves from the heat of the sun. Larvae feed on the native Willow Hygro and introduced plants such as Red Ivy and Minnie Root.
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