Carpet Python

Head shot of a Carpet Python on a branch

Scientific Name: Morelia spilota

Size: Total Length 3 m

What does it look like?

The Carpet Python is a highly variable large python. Generally, blackish, brownish or olive-green above, with greenish-yellow spots, irregular bright yellow stripes, or pale brown to olive-grey, dark-edged blotches, transverse bands and longitudinal lines. Yellowish, cream or white on undersurface. Head large and triangular, and visibly distinct from neck, with row of deep heat-sensory pits along lower jaw. 

Where is it found?

Throughout mainland Australia, except the arid interior, western WA and southern Vic. 

What are its habitats & habits?

The Carpet Python is found in range of habitat types, including rainforests, open forests and woodland, riverine areas, coastal heaths, shrubland, rocky outcrops, and suburban parks and gardens. Generally nocturnal and semi-arboreal, becoming more diurnal during cooler months. Feeds mostly on small to medium-sized mammals and birds, but also on frogs and lizards. Oviparous, laying up to 50 eggs in a clutch, with female defending eggs until they hatch. Non-venomous, but can be aggressive and capable of inflicting a painful bite that is prone to infection. 

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