Brown Tree Snake

A Brown Tree Snake on a branch in the rainforest

Scientific Name:  Boiga irregularis

Size: Total Length 2 metres

What does it look like?

 The Brown Tree Snake is slender, with narrow neck, distinct head and bulging eyes with vertical pupils. Two distinct colour patterns. Eastern Australian individuals orange to reddish-brown above with irregular dark cross-bands on back and sides, and cream or orange underparts. Northern Australian individuals cream above and below, with bold reddish-brown bands.

Where is it found?

 Coastal and sub-coastal northern and eastern Australia, from Kimberley region of WA, through northern NT, northern and eastern Qld, south to Sydney NSW.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Brown Tree Snake occurs in broad range of habitats including open forests, rainforests, mangroves, rock escarpments, coastal heaths and urban areas. Nocturnal and arboreal, sheltering coiled up in tree hollows, caves and buildings during the day, but may also hunt on the ground. Preys mainly on birds and their eggs, but also reptiles, frogs and small mammals. Oviparous, laying 3–12 eggs in a clutch. Venomous and aggressive when threatened, but generally not considered dangerous to humans.

Interesting facts

 Also known as: Night Tiger; Eastern Brown Tree Snake; Doll’s Eye Snake

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