Brahminy Kite

Brahminy Kite perched on branch

Scientific Name: Haliastur indus

Size: 45 to 51 cm

What does it look like?

This beautiful chestnut and white raptor is the unmistakable Brahminy Kite. It is easily recognized by its head, neck and breast and contrasting chestnut belly and upperparts. First-year birds resemble Whistling Kite, but lack pale wedges on the underwing, and have a shorter tail. The call is a drawn-out ‘pee-ah-ah-ah’ or ‘ kee-e-yah’.

Where is it found?

Found in northern Australia, from about Carnarvon, Western Australia to Hastings River, New South Wales.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Brahminy Kite is solitary and pairs only during the breeding season. It inhabits coastal areas, where it feeds on fish and other marine animals, normally stranded or washed up by the tide.

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