Blotched Blue-tongue

A Blotched Blue-Tongue lizard basking on the bare ground

Scientific Name: ???

Size: 275mm SVL (Snout-Vent Length)

What does it look like?

 The Blotched Blue-tongue is a large skink with broad body, short limbs, moderately long, tapering tail and large blue tongue. Generally dark brown to blackish above, with large cream, yellow or pinkish blotches on back and tail. Blotches can be loosely aligned to form transverse bands, or obscure longitudinal rows on back. Head generally pale, with greyish lips, and occasionally with indistinct eye-stripe. Underparts paler and conspicuously patterned. Throat white.

Where is it found?

 Tas and south-eastern mainland Australia, from north-eastern SA, through Vic, to Blue Mountains NSW.

What are its habitats & habits?

Found in tall, open forests, woodland, heaths, grassland and adjacent gardens, where it shelters under rocks and logs, and in dense leaf litter. Feeds on invertebrates, including snails, slugs and spiders, vegetable matter, such as berries, flowers and leaves, as well as small mice and some carrion. Viviparous, giving birth to up to 15 (average 8) live young in a litter, typically every 2 years. When threatened, tends to flatten body, open its wide mouth and stick out its large blue tongue.

Interesting facts

Alternate Names: Blotched Blue-tongue Lizard; Blotched Blue-tongued Skink; Southern Blue-tongue

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