Black Fruit-bat

A Black Flying-Fox or Fruit-Bat roosting in a tree

Scientific Name: Pteropus alecto

Size: HB 185–280mm; FA 153–191mm

What does it look like?

The Black Fruit-bat is predominantly black, occasionally with white flecks on belly fur, and often with reddish-brown fur on rear of neck. Eyes reddish, with faint reddish-brown eye-rings visible in some individuals.

Where is it found?

Northern Australia (including offshore islands), from around Carnarvon, WA, through northern NT, northern and eastern Qld, to around Sydney NSW.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Black Fruit-bat occurs in variety of wooded habitats, including rainforests, open forests, paperbark woodland, mangroves and bamboo thickets. Feeds at night on eucalypt blossoms, fleshy fruits, and occasionally leaves and tree sap.

Interesting facts

Often roosts in company of other fruit-bat species.

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