Beautiful Badge Huntsman

A Badge Huntsman on a tree

Scientific Name: Neosparassus calligaster

Size: TL 20mm

What does it look like?

The Beautiful Badge Huntsman is a large, long legged spider, with a conspicuous shield shaped ‘badge’ on the underside of the abdomen. Generally orange-brown to dark brown above, with darker flecking, and two larger blackish spots on the dorsal surface of the abdomen. The legs have alternate blackish and either yellowish or white bands, and areas of yellow, with fine black speckling.

Where is it found?

Found in coastal and inland eastern Australia, from around Mackay, Qld, through NSW to Vic and Tas. Isolated records from WA (possibly vagrants).

What are its habitats & habits?

The Beautiful Badge Huntsman occurs in a range of habitats where it shelters under loose bark and leaf litter, in crevices and under rocks, emerging to hunt at night for insects and other invertebrates. Bites attributed to this species have occurred, with symptoms including severe pain, inflammation, sweating, nausea and vomiting.

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