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Barking Spider

A Barking Spider crawling down its burrow

Scientific Name: Selenocosmia stirlingi

Size: TL 60mm

What does it look like?

The Barking Spider is a large, hairy spider with no pattern on the abdomen, large fangs and long legs with thick, hairy feet. The spinnerets are long and finger-like. Males are smaller than females.

Where is it found?

Throughout Australia, from eastern Qld, through inland NSW, north-western Vic, northern SA, southern NT and western WA.

What are its habitats & habits?

The Barking Spider is a ground-dwelling spider of drier areas, where it hunts near the entrance of its burrow at night for insects, lizards, frogs and, occasionally, chicks of ground nesting birds. The female maintains a silken lined burrow in the moist ground, up to a metre deep, while males generally have a flimsy shelter under logs and rocks. An aggressive spider, capable of giving a painful bite and severe allergic reactions, however most bites are reported to produce mild symptoms.

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