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A Shore Thing: Shorebird Article

My first of (hopefully) many regular articles for my 'Bird Nerd' column in the awesome Australian Geographic Magazine is now available. This article is called 'A Shore Thing' and is about shorebird and human interactions on our beaches and the shores of our wetlands....

Slightly Confused Sandpiper

My (Little) Big Year got off to a flying start in January, (sorry about the pun!), with 79 species recorded, including a Sandpiper that ended up in Australia instead of South America. The 1st of January (recovery day from bringing in the new year) was a casual bird...

Clean Up Australia Day: A Typical Family Outing

A last minute decision by my wife and myself to take the children to a local beach for an evening picnic was a very memorable and almost enlightening moment, and it wasn't because of all the sand that blew into my salad. I love my wife and children very much, but my...

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