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From Singer Songwriter to Birder & Best-Selling Author with R. Bruce Richardson

Season 1, Episode 2 From Singer Songwriter to Birder & Best-Selling AuthorR. Bruce made his living as an internationally touring comedian and singer/songwriter, but later became an avid birder. In 2015 he embarked on a year-long, life-changing trip around...

Slightly Confused Sandpiper

My (Little) Big Year got off to a flying start in January, (sorry about the pun!), with 79 species recorded, including a Sandpiper that ended up in Australia instead of South America. The 1st of January (recovery day from bringing in the new year) was a casual bird...

My (Little) Big Year

After watching the movie The Big Year starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson, I (Peter) have decreed that 2015 will be my first attempt at a Big Year. For those of you who are unaware what a Big Year is, it is an American tradition that is rumoured to have...

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