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Join award-winning writer, photographer & music lover, Peter Rowland, as he chats to the incredible people that give more back to the world than they take; people whose passions are making the world better. Peter’s guests have inspired positive changes at individual, community and global levels, increased awareness of the natural world and the challenges it’s facing, contributed to the arts, and all work tirelessly for their cause. Learn about the different tracks they have taken while following their dreams, the defining experiences that inspired them on their journeys and the music they love.

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A Profoundly Personal Musical Journey

Michael Simic is a prolific songwriter and multi-talented performer whose music and lyrics draw on the evocative beauty of love and nature. In this (at times) deeply personal and emotional chat, Michael shares his unique journey to becoming a successful musician and entertainer, and the many individual and musical influences that have shaped him along the way, including his moonlit moment with Rose (now wife) and the birth of their beautiful daughter, Sunny. Michael’s band Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen have been performing for 20 years and have released four albums. Michael has also released two other albums under the moniker of Mikelangelo, and is currently putting the finishing touches to his first solo album as Michael Simic. Micheal also presents “Australian By Night” for Braidwood radio on Wednesdays at 9:30pm. 

Season 1; Episode 10 | 94 min

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A Personal Journey from Writing for Emotional Therapy to Debut Novel

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Meet The Host

Peter Rowland

Peter Rowland

I am a wildlife photographer, natural history writer, columnist for Australian Geographic Magazine, conservationist, trainer, public speaker and meditator. I have had many amazing opportunities come my way and have had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with many wonderful people, many of whom I am privileged to call my friends. I put this podcast together to make others aware of the great work these people do and to (perhaps) inspire a new generation of people who give more back to the world than they take.

I also have a love of wide range of music genres and have many songs that have special places in my life. I was a huge fan of Margaret Throsby and loved her classic interviews on the ABC. After hearing about the merger between Anchor.fm and Spotify I finally got the opportunity to ask my own guests to select 5 of their favourite music pieces and give my listeners a deeper insight into what inspires them.

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