Release of a Mammal Guide 2nd Edition

by | Nov 1, 2021 | Australia, Australian Geographic, Books, Mammals, Marine Mammals, Naturalist's Guide, New Release, Wildlife, Writing

Cover of a Naturalist's Guide to the Mammals of Australia 2nd Edition with a Koala on the cover
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Delighted to finally see the release of the 2nd Edition of the Naturalist’s Guide to the Mammals of Australia title (released by John Beaufoy Publishing, in conjunction with Australian Geographic).

A massive thank you to the photographers who supplied the wonderful new images, and the peer reviewers who looked through all of the text and images; with extra special thanks to the amazing Angus McNab, who supplied many new images and reviewed most of the text. Many texts were also reviewed and updated by Terry Tweedie and David Donnelly. Other photographers who generously supplied new images included Anders Zimny, John Harris, Brett Jarret, Jordan de Jong, Tim Bawden, Craig Nieminski, George Madani and Maureen MacDonald.

Of course, much thanks and appreciation is also extended to the many wonderful people who supplied images and proofed texts for the first edition, which also feature in this edition.

This new edition is jam packed with great information and images, as well as incorporating the latest splits of the Krefft’s and Savanna Gliders as separate species to the Sugar Glider, and the mention of the research findings that link the extant Shark Bay Mouse with the previously considered extinct Gould’s Mouse. The former previously classified as a distinct species, but now considered to be the Gould’s Mouse.

I hope you enjoy reading this wonderful new edition as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it!

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