Better Birding Locations

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Australian Geographic, Birding, Birds, Writing

My latest Australian Geographic Magazine ‘Better Birding’ column continues to introduce skills, tips, tricks and suggestions to help you become a better birder.

Some 900 bird species have been recorded in Australia. Around 40% of these are found nowhere else, and about 30% are considered common or typically sighted on normal bird watching trips. The remainder occur only in specific habitats or geographic ranges, regularly migrate from overseas or simply show up in Australia as an unannounced vagrant. Others are just secretive or rare.

Most people believe that the further you are from human settlement the more birds you will see. While this can be true, you could spend more time driving than birding. This article details some of the best places to go for the best chances to see a good diversity of bird species.

You can order your copy directly through Australian Geographic online store here. Australian Geographic also endorses many of my books. You can check out my recent titles here and purchase a copy of any of them from my secure store.

Australian Geographic Magazine cover featuring a Tasmanian Devil
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