Birding Basics

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Australian Geographic, Birding, Birds, Magazine, Writing

My Australian Geographic Magazine ‘Bird Nerd’ column has had a face lift! While the bird nerd tag has flown away, the column is still about birds, or should I say birding. Birding is wonderfully addictive, and this year I will be sharing birding tips and tricks and my favourite places from my 40+ yrs of birding.

This article is on birding basics, and goes through some of the equipment, the importance of joining birding groups, where to go to see birds and what to look for to assist in their identification.

You can order your copy directly through Australian Geographic online store here. Australian Geographic also endorses many of my books. You can check out my recent titles here and purchase a copy of any of them from my secure store.

Australian Geographic Magazine Cover Issue 160
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