SOS – Save Our Spidercrabs

by | Aug 8, 2020

Spidercrab moulting
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Image Credit: PT Hirschfield (

From April to July each year, thousands of Australian Giant Spider Crabs moult in Port Philip Bay, Victoria, seeking safety in numbers while they are in such a vulnerable state.

Sadly, in recent years intensive harvesting of the crabs has occured, mostly before they are able to complete their moults.

The Victorian Fisheries Authority is not adequately  addressing the issue, so please join divers, fishers, water users, scientists, local businesses, educators, local and state-wide groups to SOS #saveourspidercrabs.

The current bag limit of 30 crabs per day is completely inadequate.

You can show your support with the Victorian National Parks Association here and SOS (Save Our Spidercrabs).

Video Credit: PT Hirschfield – Pink Tank Scuba

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