I had the wonderful opportunity to visit England in 2018. The first part of the trip was work-related - meeting publishers, catching up with photographers and fellow authors, and attending the British Bird Fair to launch my new bird book Australia's Birdwatching Megaspots. Well, the intent was to launch the book, but I had not seen it yet and the publisher, John Beaufoy, had not received copies of it when I met him for lunch a few days before the fair. Oh well, it was still going to be a great opportunity to network with fellow birders, tour operators, authors and wildlife photographers.

I spent the first day wondering around the fair. It is HUGE! After a great day exploring the fair and the grounds at Rutland, where the fair is held, I managed to catch up with my publisher (John) and his associate Rosemary, with whom I had conversed over email on many, many, many occasions. It was great to meet her at long last. I had another surprise install too - John had a 'hot off the press' copy of the Australia's Birdwatching Megaspots book!

After years of hard work, it was awesome to get all of those pictures, words, maps, gps co-ordinates and checklists all printed and bound and in my hand. It was perfect timing too as my good friend, and fellow wildlife photographer Aniket Sardana was at the fair. Aniket not only contributed some of his images to this book (and others I have done), but was a major influence behind the book's hatching.

I spent two days at the bird fair, it was great, and I am keen to go back again soon.


Peter Rowland and Aniket Sardana (founders of Australia’s Wildlife Group) with John Beaufoy and Rosemary Wilkinson of John Beaufoy Publishing promoting the book at the Australia stand at the UK Birdfair at Oakham
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(left to right) Peter Rowland and Aniket Sardana with Rosemary Wilkinson and John Beaufoy, promoting the Australia's Birdwatching Megaspots book at the Australia stand at the UK Birdfair at Oakham

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